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Our Story

Experience the Taste of Authentic Italy

At Ristorante Caffe Arena, we believe that every meal should be an experience. That's why we specialize in authentic and homemade Italian food, made from scratch using only the freshest ingredients.

Our restaurant is located in the Roundhouse, a cosy and inviting location perfect for a night out with friends and family, or a romantic evening with your loved one. We take pride in our recipes and focus on quality to ensure that each dish is delicious and flavorful!

Owners & Executive Chefs



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"Passion is my special ingredient"

"A baker's dozen"

Our chef Shawky has always been passionate about cooking, working in the best trattorias in Bologna since a young age. His experience as Pavarotti's chef in 1991 inspired him to dedicate his career to crafting exceptional Italian cuisine and taking it abroad. After great experiences as a restaurateur here in Birmingham, our chef continues to delight us with Bolognese specialities such as handmade pasta, slow-cooked meats and tasteful sauces. Shawky takes pride in bringing Italian flavours to the table without ever leaving aside his personal touch.

Matteo, our young and super passionate chef from Vicenza.

He had studied in Italy with the great masters Gabriele Bonci and Gianluca Fonsato, and his experience working in the most renowned restaurants in Birmingham made him one of the best bakers in town. However, very light pizzas and crusty breads are not the only thing Matteo brings to the table. His precision and attention to detail make his dishes perfectly balanced and his unique creativity brings a touch of modernity to the traditional flavours of Italy.

Bounded by friendship and shared passions, our chefs' collaboration combines tradition and contemporaneity, always maintaining authenticity. Come and have a taste of Italy, created with passion and expertise by our talented chefs!

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